second_disease_drei Within the next few days the whole backcatalogue of our new labelartist SECOND DISEASE will be available online via various digital stores. The offer will cover the following releases:

  • Dogma
  • Flame the dark true
  • Am I God?

All three albums will be available from iTunes, Napster, Musicload and more then 30 others!


endzeit4-cover Five of our artists participate in the fourth edition of well known ENDZEIT BUNKERTRACKS which is released as a 4-CD-compilation box!

  • IC 434 – Back to Back (Endzeit Mix) *
  • Modulate – Hard and dirty (SAM Mix) *
  • PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Ichthyic Ascension (Acylum Mix) *
  • Heimataerde – Vater (Aura lusus mixtura)
  • Retractor – Annihilation (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Remix) *

* = Exclusive Mix

2009 : 02 : 03
Suicidal Romance on air!

suicidal Wednesday february 11th you have the chance to listen to one hour of finest Suicidal Romance tunes and an exclusive interview at Radio Schwarzes Brandenburg! Tune in!


blackfield SOMAN will warm up this year edition of famous german BLACKFIELD FESTIVAL at a special warmup party at legendary club MATRIX in Bochum (Germany). Other performing bands will be SEABOUND & ABSURD MINDS. Date: 19.06.2009, Doors: 19:00, start 20:00. Tickets everywhere!


cd_dw_hamburg_berli_161159g Here´s a list of our upcoming tunes:


  • Fact 3110 Supreme Court – Keep Calm + Carry On (CD)
  • Fact 3111 Aqualite – Waveforms (CD)
  • Fact 3112 Orange Sector – Mind.Fuck (CD)
  • Fact 3113 Second Disease – While the masses sleep (CD) more »

supreme Kay Härtel aka SUPREME COURT presents his new album “Keep Calm + Carry On” at the end of february 2009 on INFACTED RECORDINGS! No one else then Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip fame joined Kay as guestvocalist on the new album! A smash release with two outstanding collaborations entitled “AEUROPA” and “OVAERKILL”! Be prepared!


bremen Congratulations to Werder Bremen for reaching the quarter final of the german DFB cup!


supreme_web New SUPREME COURT album KEEP CALM + CARRY ON tracklist revealed! The former BLACK RAIN ARTIST “SUPREME COURT” will release its new album (physically & online!) on 23.02.2009 as our catalogue number FACT 3110. The CD is MASTERED by KOLJA TRELLE (SOMAN)

Tracklist: more »


X Marks The Pedwalk "Retrospective"“RETROSPECTIVE” is the title of a great best of release by X MARKS THE PEDWALK brought to you by our INFACTED RECORDINGS DIGITAL DIVISION. The release is an overview of the bands works from 1988 to 1999 featuring all their hits such as “Abbatoir”, “Never look back”, “Paranoid Illusions”, “Ten Miles”, “Facer” or “Arbitrary Execution”. more »


M'era Luna 2009 - LogoGRENDEL & FROZEN PLASMA will play 2009 edition of one of germanies most famous scene festivals called MERA LUNA on augst 08th & 09th at airport Hildesheim (near Hannover). more »


Future Lied to Us
09.02.2018 - FACT 3312
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02.02.2018 - DIGITAL FACT 116
Remind (2CD)
02.02.2018 - FACT 3311
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The Saint Paul
24.11.2017 - FACT 3308
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Orange Sector
03.11.2017 - FACT 3307
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Age of the Disposable Body
27.10.2017 - FACT 3306
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Karoshi (Deluxe)
27.10.2017 - FACT 3305
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Future Lied To Us
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 118
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Ludovico Technique
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 114
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Strike Back
29.09.2017 - FACT 3304
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Nine Seconds
Agent Provocateur
22.09.2017 - FACT 3301
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Let Darkness In
19.09.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 115
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Future Lied To Us
Born In Silence
28.07.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 113
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Brigade Werther
North + South
07.07.2017 - FACT 3303
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Ruined Conflict
02.06.2017 - FACT 3300
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