Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-01 um 23.05.45 From today the official teaser on the upcoming new TORUL single “Saviour of love” has been revealed. Checkit out.


13606554_1007370366026083_210656654251083899_nWe’re very excited to announce that we did another song together with Frank M. Spinath of Seabound. The song is called “Let’s begin again” and will be released on our new record GET OF MY PLANET – 2016/09/30. Teaser soon…


13606652_797246750410042_1279096549139638568_n S Y N T E C – Katze aus dem Sack!

“Catch my Fall” MCD
SYNTEC feat. Blind Passenger
incl. Remixes by “Enter&Fall”, “Versus” and “Scott Bells”
Release 2016-09-16
Strictly limited to 300 copies

First new Maxi-CD after years of silence… SYNTEC are back with a massive new single for the upcoming album “THE BEGINNING” !!! Stay tuned!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 10.03.09“Get off my Planet” is the title of the new upcoming studio album by LIQUID DIVINE and will be released on september 30th 2016. Mark this date in your calendar!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-22 um 08.05.27 Back for good! NamNamBulu have just released a first teaser on their upcoming new album “Borders”!



Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-20 um 21.11.03 Orange Sector climb onto position 2 (!) of teh German Alternative Charts (DAC) with their just released new limited E.P. “Stahlwerk”! Massive thanks to all DJs for their support!!!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-14 um 12.00.00 Vanguard managed to reach position 1 (!) of the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) with their just released new album “Never Surrender”! Congratulations and a massive THANK YOU to everybody voting!!! Massive!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-10 um 10.48.44 Ab sofort könnt ihr das neue Video zu “But He Will” von THE SAINT PAUL bei YOUTUBE bewundern. Viel Spass!



13313465_1008215882592948_1874044070_o We’re really pleased to announce that MACHINISTA hast joined the INFACTED RECORDINGS family! Welcome!
(Photo by Marija Buljeta)


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-26 um 22.21.49 We have just launched the new ORANGE SECTOR video for “Terroristen” at YouTube! “Terroristen” can be found on the upcoming “Stahlwerk E.P.” by ORANGE SECTOR! Check it out!



Future Lied to Us
09.02.2018 - FACT 3312
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02.02.2018 - DIGITAL FACT 116
Remind (2CD)
02.02.2018 - FACT 3311
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The Saint Paul
24.11.2017 - FACT 3308
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Orange Sector
03.11.2017 - FACT 3307
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Age of the Disposable Body
27.10.2017 - FACT 3306
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Karoshi (Deluxe)
27.10.2017 - FACT 3305
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Future Lied To Us
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 118
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Ludovico Technique
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 114
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Strike Back
29.09.2017 - FACT 3304
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Nine Seconds
Agent Provocateur
22.09.2017 - FACT 3301
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Let Darkness In
19.09.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 115
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Future Lied To Us
Born In Silence
28.07.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 113
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Brigade Werther
North + South
07.07.2017 - FACT 3303
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Ruined Conflict
02.06.2017 - FACT 3300
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