Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-20 um 21.11.03 Orange Sector climb onto position 2 (!) of teh German Alternative Charts (DAC) with their just released new limited E.P. “Stahlwerk”! Massive thanks to all DJs for their support!!!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-14 um 12.00.00 Vanguard managed to reach position 1 (!) of the German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) with their just released new album “Never Surrender”! Congratulations and a massive THANK YOU to everybody voting!!! Massive!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-10 um 10.48.44 Ab sofort könnt ihr das neue Video zu “But He Will” von THE SAINT PAUL bei YOUTUBE bewundern. Viel Spass!



13313465_1008215882592948_1874044070_o We’re really pleased to announce that MACHINISTA hast joined the INFACTED RECORDINGS family! Welcome!
(Photo by Marija Buljeta)


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-26 um 22.21.49 We have just launched the new ORANGE SECTOR video for “Terroristen” at YouTube! “Terroristen” can be found on the upcoming “Stahlwerk E.P.” by ORANGE SECTOR! Check it out!



Restart---fb-timeline1 We’re pleased to announce the first shows of the upcoming TORUL Tour for 2016! Click on the Flyer for all dates!


13043320_10153536189634327_3511067760669934054_n We’re pleased to present to you ” M A J ” the new voice and face of T O R U L !


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-27 um 17.59.30 Offical press release T O R U L :

As of February 2016, Jan Jenko is no longer the singer or band member of „Torul”. He has decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons and we can only say we have enjoyed our journey together and wish him all the best. „Torul’s” core, however, remains intact; the songwriting and production force stays exactly as it has always been and, in fact production of the new album already began last June, so stay tuned for more information on that!

A couple of months ago we were joined by a new singer. His name is Maj and he’s blending in really well and doing an excellent job. More info and photos coming soon. Along with this announcement we’d like to share with you a little snippet of our current work, so you can hear his voice on a new TORUL track which is to be released later this year.

We kindly invite you to share your words of welcome to „Maj” and wish „Jan”, who was the voice of „Torul” for the last three albums, all the best in his future endeavors. We love you and thank you for supporting us – stay in touch!



944926_10153950356021413_6921714741103764546_n We’re really happy to announce that REAPER will be “special guest” on the upcoming PROJECT PITCHFORK tour! No one else then Project Pitchfork mastermind Peter Spilles did choose the band by himself! (see flyer for dates!)


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-14 um 07.53.11After the successful single release „I want to live“ (DAC, GEWC) released in november 2015 on Infacted Recordings, Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson, better known as „Vanguard“ return with their third studio release to date entitled „Never Surrender“. For the production of this new album the swedish duo did manage to get mister „Rob Dust“ (known for his remix and production work for Camouflage, NamNamBulu, Chrom, Frozen Plasma, Visage, Torul, Joachim Witt to name a few) as production mastermind behind their mixing desk. „Never Surrender“ sounds fresh and modern as well as classical at the same time, combining the charm of early 80s pop with wave and electronic influences from club sounds to ballads. They’ve often been compared to bands such as Mesh, Torul, Colony 5, Frozen Plasma, Apoptygma Berzerk or Depeche Mode and there for sure is parallels. The band impresses with catchy hook lines and nice flute melodies which are clever mixed to create 12 diverse new soundscapes. Songs to be checked out: „A Different Story“, „Popularity“, „You Stray“ and the very sensitive „Eternity“.

Watch the full album trailer HERE: LINK.


Zero Hour
Coming Soon! - FACT 3313
Age Of The Disposable Body (Ltd.Vinyl)
06.04.2018 - FACT 3309
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Binary Park
Life On Lines
16.03.2018 - FACT 3310
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Tick Tock
09.03.2018 - DIGITAL FACT 117
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Future Lied to Us
09.02.2018 - FACT 3312
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02.02.2018 - DIGITAL FACT 116
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Remind (2CD)
02.02.2018 - FACT 3311
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The Saint Paul
24.11.2017 - FACT 3308
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Orange Sector
03.11.2017 - FACT 3307
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Age of the Disposable Body
27.10.2017 - FACT 3306
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Karoshi (Deluxe)
27.10.2017 - FACT 3305
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Future Lied To Us
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 118
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Ludovico Technique
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 114
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Strike Back
29.09.2017 - FACT 3304
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