Classixx XX __ Les Berrtas Bx 1 (Rev 1) “Der Knochenschäler, geht um, geht um”!!! Wir freuen uns heute Teil 36 (!) Der Klassiker-Serie enthüllen zu dürfen: LES BERRTAS! Wie immer digital remastert mit jeder Menge “Schätzen”, rarem und Unveröffentlichtem! Ein absolutes “Must have” für alle Fans der alten Schule!


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-09 um 10.22.08 Were pleased to present to you the offivcial trailer on the new project “Cellmod” with their debut album “Graveyard of Empires”. One of our highlights for the fresh 2016! Don’t miss! LINK.


syntec Four days prior to the official releasedate of SYNTEC “Puppets & Angels” we have launched the release exclusively at our BANDCAMP store! Enjoy listening and buying it! LINK.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-04 um 19.17.12 Frozen Plasma have launched a nice 2015 retrospective for you! Worth watching big time! Simply click on the LINK.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-30 um 19.26.05 The just released new limited ORANGE SECTOR CD “Monoton E.P.” jumped onto position 4 of the “Deutschen Alternative Charts”! Massive thank you to all the DJs out there for their great support!


Classixx XX __ Syntec Bx 1 (Rev 1) We’re pleased to reveal the official releasedate on the next part of our classics series! We will relaunch the legendary MACHINERY RECORDS band SYNTEC! January 8th 2016 will see the release of “Puppets & Angels” featuring all the bands greatest hits and rarities in digital remastered format! More detailed information on the tracklist soon to be found on our website!


Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-17 um 09.19.43 Orange Sector just entered the german alternative charts (DAC) at position 12 (!) with their just released new limited E.P. “Monoton”. Thanks to all supporters! Listen to the full E.P. HERE.

2015 : 11 : 03
Binary Park : New website

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-03 um 09.28.51 BINARY PARK have just launched their new website! Feel free to visit them!


Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-30 um 12.31.52 German scene magazine “SONIC SEDUCER” exclusively presents the new video by “THE SAINT PAUL” of their song “White Unicorn”. Simply click on the LINK klicken! Enjoy!


12045298_750639678373238_8631890825013341691_o “Prager Handgriff” will perform live on december 26th at DARK-X-MAS festival in Waregem (Belgien) at Expo! Don’t miss!


Brigade Werther
North + South
07.07.2017 - FACT 3303
Ruined Conflict
02.06.2017 - FACT 3300
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Frame of Mind
26.05.2017 - FACT 3302
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Various Artists
Infacted Compilation 6
12.05.2017 - FACT 3200
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Erase My Heart
31.03.2017 - FACT 3297
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24.03.2017 - FACT 3298
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10.03.2017 - FACT 3277
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03.03.2017 - FACT 3299
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Es ist nie still
10.02.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 112
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A Different Story
20.01.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 111
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Frame Of Mind
Murderous Thoughts
13.01.2017 - FACT 3294
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Seconds Minutes Hours
16.12.2016 - DIGITAL FACT 110
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Orange Sector
Farben E.P.
09.12.2016 - FACT 3296
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Never Too Late
02.12.2016 - FACT 3293
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New World Order
02.12.2016 - FACT 3295
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28.10.2016 - FACT 3292
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