Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-01 um 10.36.31 Position 1 (!) for the latest SHIV-R release “ON BLACKENED WINGS” – AMAZING! Thanks to all Djs for their outstanding support!


OS - EP (1) Monoton __ Dx T-1 (Rev 3-A) Under the title “MONOTON” our EBM pioniers “Orange Sector” will release a new 7 (!) song “E.P.”! At our website you can take a first sexclusive look at the planned cover artwork. The “MONOTON” E.P. will be the first in a series of three E.P.s to come! All detailed information on the new E.P. soon to be published here on our website!


PES01_01 A nice new interview with greek electroheads “PreEmptive Strike 0.1″ has just been published! Just click on the LINK.


11933418_10153061201764327_1036030960273657497_n Today at 14.00 CET we will present to you the new TORUL video “Difficult to kill” at DEPECHEMODE.DE! Don’t miss!


Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-20 um 14.07.50 From today you can watch a small TEASER on the upcoming TPRUL video “Difficult to kill”. Simply klick on the LINK. Enjoy!


4046661418422 Ab dem 11.09. wird die neue TORUL Single “Difficult to kill” in dne Läden stehen! Die Veröffentlichung wird es als CD und natürlich als dogotalen Download geben! Wir freuen uns euch schon heute das das Cover und Tracklist präsentieren zu dürfen!

01 Difficult To Kill (Single Video Edit)
02 Difficult To Kill (Torulsson Remix)
03 The Balance (Proteus Noir Remix)
04 Lonely Night (Into The Knot Remix)
05 Lonely Night (Torulsson Remix)
06 Difficult To Kill (Kobayashii Remix)
07 The Balance (Tom Wax Remix)


Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-17 um 18.33.21 With their remix CD release “On Blackened Wings” SHIV-R managed to climb onto position 3 (!) of the “Deutschen Alternative Charts” (DAC = German Alternative Charts)! Massive thanks to all Djs for their support!

Get the CD HERE.

Digital album download HERE.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-17 um 10.35.10Another cool news! TORUL will release a new, smashing single with the title “DIFFICULT TO KILL” on september 11th 2015! We will also release a MASSIVE new video soooooooooon! Stay tuned for all the latest Updates on TORUL coming your way!


11855812_985229061542034_1150199205563770403_n Orange Sector are currently finalizing their new E.P. “MONOTON”. The band has promised us a true smash for this autumn and what we heard so far is more then promising! We can reveal that the new E.P. will feature 8 (!) songs with massive remixes by “NZ” and “AGREZZIOR” (who are also working on new material!) Stay tuned for some new EBM masterpieces!


11900071_985214744876799_5541594486836497544_n We have great news for all synth pop addicts! ENDANGER will release a new 2-track digital single on september 25th 2015! The new single will be entitled “Das ist alles…” Stay tuned for more detailed information!


Brigade Werther
North + South
07.07.2017 - FACT 3303
Ruined Conflict
02.06.2017 - FACT 3300
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Frame of Mind
26.05.2017 - FACT 3302
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Various Artists
Infacted Compilation 6
12.05.2017 - FACT 3200
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Erase My Heart
31.03.2017 - FACT 3297
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24.03.2017 - FACT 3298
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10.03.2017 - FACT 3277
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03.03.2017 - FACT 3299
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Es ist nie still
10.02.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 112
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A Different Story
20.01.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 111
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Frame Of Mind
Murderous Thoughts
13.01.2017 - FACT 3294
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Seconds Minutes Hours
16.12.2016 - DIGITAL FACT 110
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Orange Sector
Farben E.P.
09.12.2016 - FACT 3296
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Never Too Late
02.12.2016 - FACT 3293
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New World Order
02.12.2016 - FACT 3295
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28.10.2016 - FACT 3292
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