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gewcneu For the second week in a row X MARKS THE PEDWALK managed to stay on position 1 (!) of the GEWC with their current release “Abattoir”. The other two classics releases follow on position 3 (Tribantura – Lack of Sense) and on position 7 (Shift – Electrofixx).


newsimage336 A small interview (german only) about our classics series can be found at: ELEKTRAUMA

2009 : 08 : 07
The classics @ musicload!

classix Our classics collection is now available legal at various online stores as digital download! Get them for a cool price e.g. at MUSICLOAD: Link.


classx New issue of german NEGATIEF (free musicmagazine) features a two page report about our classics series (Tribantura, Shift, X Marks the Pedwalk, The Invincible Spirit…). You get the physical magazine in various german clubs as well as digital free PDF download at: Link


dac32 Infacted artists continue to conquer the DAC (german alternative charts). Week 32 sees our artists at the following positions:

Frozen Plasma – Club Monument (Pos. 3)
Shift – Electrofixx (Pos. 4) highest climber of the week!
X Marks the Pedwalk – Abattoir (Pos. 5)
Tribantura – Lack of Sense (Pos. 7)
Frozen Plasma – Monumentum (Pos. 3)

2009 : 08 : 01

gewc Not only DAC but also GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts) see our artists rise in positions:

Tribantura – Lack of Sense (Pos. 5)
Shift – Electrofixx (Pos. 9)
X Marks the Pedwalk – Abattoir (Pos. 2 Bullets)
Frozen Plasma – Monumentum (Pos. 1)

Congratulations and thanks to everybody voting!


classixOur classic collection is gaining more and more interrest from all over the world so we would like to point out again that all so far released/scheduled MCDs are strictly limited to 1000 units per title! The story so far:

Tribantura – Lack of Sense (6-Track MCD)
Shift – Electrofixx (9-Track MCD)
X Marks the Pedwalk (11-Track MCD)
The Invincible Spirit – Push! (11-Track MCD) coming august 2009!


shift Tomorrow is SHIFT releaseday! The alltime classic hit “ELECTROFIXX” will be released in a limited 1000 copy run! Be fast and get your hands on a copy now! You can already listen to the main track at our Radio-Player


shift Due to the fact that the upcoming SHIFT – ELECTROFIXX MCD is limited to only 1.000 units we recommende to pre-order the single already now! (release: july 10th 2009). You can pre-order the MCD (besides other places…) HERE.
The title song ELECTROFIXX is also now to be found on our Radio-Player


shift With the release of “Electrofixx” by SHIFT we continue our classics series! After Tribantura and their classic “Lack of Sense” we again present a massive electro/ebm smash. First released on their own label under the name “bugs” then licensed by german cultlabel ZOTH OMMOG “Electrofixx” is one of the most often played clubclassic of all times! more


Future Lied to Us
09.02.2018 - FACT 3312
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02.02.2018 - DIGITAL FACT 116
Remind (2CD)
02.02.2018 - FACT 3311
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The Saint Paul
24.11.2017 - FACT 3308
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Orange Sector
03.11.2017 - FACT 3307
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Age of the Disposable Body
27.10.2017 - FACT 3306
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Karoshi (Deluxe)
27.10.2017 - FACT 3305
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Future Lied To Us
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 118
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Ludovico Technique
13.10.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 114
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Strike Back
29.09.2017 - FACT 3304
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Nine Seconds
Agent Provocateur
22.09.2017 - FACT 3301
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Let Darkness In
19.09.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 115
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Future Lied To Us
Born In Silence
28.07.2017 - DIGITAL FACT 113
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Brigade Werther
North + South
07.07.2017 - FACT 3303
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Ruined Conflict
02.06.2017 - FACT 3300
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